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Mobile security patrol services are the key feature of our business. If you do not require an on site security officer to be stationed at your site location but still want the peace of mind of having security then a mobile patrol service is what you need.

This method of security services is an effective and less expensive way for your site to be protected when you are not there.

Our mobile patrol services are tailored to your specific requirements, giving you the valued customer, the option to choose when, where and how many times per night / week the patrols are carried out.

A uniformed security officer will attend your premises for a pre-arranged number of visits at irregular hours throughout the quiet periods of the night as well as weekends and holidays giving you maximum protection

Our officers will perform interior checks if required but will also ensure all perimeter doors, windows, fence line and gates are secure and intact. Also we will lock up and unlock your premises as you require.

Our officers will also question and identify persons who may be found on site after hours to confirm their presence and what their business is on the site.

Our officers do site checks looking for suspicious persons and activity as well as vandalism, fire, water leaks and other types of problems that need the immediate attention of the proper authority.

                                                FEMA Courses 
BGuarded Security is always looking for ways to continuously train our Security Officers both on the field and in their studies. Our Security Officers have completed several courses administered by the Emergency Management Institute for the Department of Homeland Security. These advanced courses may also be applied towards college credits.
 * Active Shooter
 * Safety
 * Workplace Security Awareness
 * Are you Ready
 * Leadership and Influence
 * Effective Communication
 * Decision Making and Problem Solving 
 * Incident Command Systems

 * Diversity Awareness
 * Equal Employment Opportunity